The DMU Employee Campaign is part of Purple & Proud: the Campaign for Des Moines University, a $25 million fundraising effort that entered its public phase in December. Your gift to the 2019 Employee Campaign will be critical in fulfilling three priorities: supporting our students and ensuring the high quality of their education, investing in faculty committed to both student success and research, and enhancing our facilities to meet urgent health care needs in the community. Your gift will directly impact the areas of DMU that you choose to support as well as fulfilling Purple & Proud priorities and reaching our goal.

Enter the total gift amount you would like to give for a specific fund. Select the fund you would like to support & click "Add donation". Repeat for multiple funds.
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Payroll Deduction Options

Total Pledge Monthly Deduction Biweekly Deduction President's Society Level
$5,000 $416.67 $192.31 Gold Member
$4,000 $333.34 $153.85 Silver Member
$3,000 $250.00 $115.39 Silver Member
$2,000 $166.67 $76.93 Member
$1,000 $83.34 $38.47 Member
$500 $41.67 $19.24  
$300 $25.00 $11.54  
$200 $16.67 $7.70  
$100 $8.34 $3.85  

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